blueklectic Explains It Best: Broke People With Great Fashion Sense

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The season of leg shaving is upon us.

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privileged kids go to counseling, poor kids go to jail.

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Oh oh my god

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Willow Smith’s crop top style.

That girl is going to slay the game in a few years, watch. She is going to be the new supermodel.

willow smith has been killin it since she was like 8, she’s so amazing

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knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit

wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad 

That was deep

philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie

That was deeper.

common sense is knowing that ketchup isn’t a damn smoothie you nasty

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Akintunde Ahmad is a 6’1, 17 year Old Black Male from Oakland with dreadlocks. Defying the disadvantages and traps he had to overcome growing up he stands tall with 5.0 GPA and 2100 SAT score. The Oakland Technical School senior is also on the baseball team. He has be accepted to YALE and has offers from other IVY LEAGUE schools Columbia and Brown.

He told a story about when the recruiters came to his school to speak to him that everyone was looking at him funny when he walked into the library as if he was “lost or out of place”. 

"People looking at me funny is so common that it doesn’t stick out for me anymore, It’s something that I’ve gotten used to. I’ll leave this school and there will be teachers who never knew I was one of the people on the honor roll " ~~Akintunde

Akintunde describes himself as “any other street dude on 98th Avenue” the neighborhood in which he grew up in. “That is underestimated and looked down upon”.

SanCophaLeague Salute to Akintunde Ahmad!
We have to spread the positive news of our people 
we have to promote our own images, we can’t rely
on the media. Share this with people!

#SanCophaleague #AkintundeAhmad 

Post written/Researched by @solar_innerG

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the price of a popcorn and soda at target: $1.99

the price of a popcorn and soda at the movies: an entire month’s rent and your first born child

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